BASUG Quarterly Meeting
  • June 26, 2018 - 8:15AM-12:00PM
  • Data Visualization & Machine Learning

  • This meeting features three presentations on best practices for creating data visualizations that communicate information clearly and two talks on real-world applications of machine learning.
  • Presentation 1: "Image Processing: Seeing the World through the Eyes of SAS Viya®", Leigh Ann Herhold
  • Presentation 2: "Think like a Data Storyteller (Workshop Preview!)", Tricia Aanderud and Jaime D’Agord
  • Presentation 3: "Color Matters: Decorate your House, not Your #Dataviz", Jaime D’Agord
  • Presentation 4: "Machine Learning Techniques: Understanding Drivers of Customer Risk", Leigh Ann Herhold
  • Presentation 5: "Secrets I Learned from Reviewing 500 Dashboards", Tricia Aanderud
  • BASUG Training Session

  • June 26, 2018 - 1:00PAM-5:30PM
  • Think Like a Data Storyteller
  • Data Storytelling is becoming a popular way to present data, yet many data professionals do not understand the value of this method. If you have trouble convincing stakeholders that their data suggests a course of action, this powerful technique can help you clearly communicate insights gained from data. Tricia Aanderud & Jaime D’Agord Zencos Consulting
  • NOTE: We are back at NERD

    IMPORTANT: Remember to bring a government issued picture ID, which is required by NERD security for entrance to the facility.

    • Microsoft New England Research & Development Center
    • Kendall Square, Cambridge MA

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