Andy Littleton has Retired

Updated: May 5

Our "Fairy God Mother" Andy Littleton has retired from SAS after almost 40 years of contributing to the SAS community.

To say that Andy worked in "user group support" is the understatement of the year. Andy helped BASUG, and many other US SAS Local User Groups, grow into the vibrant groups we have become. Working with Andy, we always knew we had an advocate within SAS who understood the value of LUGs, and shared our vision for how LUGs can contribute to developing the SAS community. We are grateful for everything Andy has done for BASUG, and the entire SAS community, over so many years.

data _null_ ;
    do i=1 to 1000000 ;
        put "Thanks Andy!!!" ;
    end ;

June 30

Noon ET

Two Stat Talks: Machine Learning & PCA
Presenters: Jim Box and Caroline Walker