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The Boston Area SAS Users Group (BASUG) is one of the country’s oldest, largest, and most active local SAS user groups. SAS Institute recognizes and supports BASUG as an official SAS users group. We are incorporated as a 501(c)3, not for profit entity.  


What we do

- We are a venue for the exchange of information about SAS software and related products
- We are a forum where SAS users can meet, network and exchange ideas
- We assist SAS users in developing their SAS and professional skills
- We communicate with SAS Institute about products and services our members need
- We offer in-person meetings, training classes, and on-line webinars to further these aims


We offer in-person meetings, training classes, and on-line lunchtime webinars. In normal years, we run four half-day, in-person meetings per year as well as several specialized training sessions. Recently, we have been offering monthly, lunch-time webinars that have been attended by SAS users from across the globe.


Who we are

We are an ever-expanding SAS community, welcoming anyone who attends our events, signs up for our mailing list, or visits our website. We don’t have members as such and we welcome SAS users from around the globe.

How to contribute

Contact our webmaster if you want to:
  - Present or volunteer at one of our events
  - Suggest a speaker or topic
  - Post a notice on our “Events” or “News” webpage
  - Post a job opening, your consultancy or your resume on our “Positions” webpage

  - Join the Steering Committee


BASUG Leadership

Our Steering Committee is a team of dedicated volunteers who plan, organize, and run all of our events and manage our website. Our volunteer Board of Directors ensures we fulfill our mission and oversees our finances. Meet our full team!



Check out some of BASUG's major milestones.​


Contact us

- Email our webmaster

- Email our event coordinators

- For a snail mail address, please email our webmaster and indicate what you will be sending.


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