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Learning SAS: - SAS Institute Tech Support site

      SAS Video Tutorials - Video tutorials on a wide range of SAS topics

      SAS YouTube channel - More video tutorials from SAS

      SAS Webinars - Live and On-Demand

      Ask the Expert webinars

      SAS Events - SAS Explore. SAS Hackathon, and more 

      SAS Podcasts

      Free SAS Online Courses - Scroll down on that page to find the list of free courses

SAS Software:

      Free software trials  - of SAS Viya and the latest SAS products

      SAS®  OnDemand for Academics  - A cloud based package of key SAS modules anyone can access

Documentation, User Group papers and SAS On-line Communities:

      SAS product documentation - Read or download the documentation for any SAS product - The collaborative online community for SAS users worldwide - Search for any SUGI/SASGF, Regional or Specialty User Group conference paper 

      The SAS Dummy blog - Chris Hemedinger's blog

      The DO loop - Rick Wicklin's blog

      Sasensei - A community quiz game. Challenge, compete, and learn!

      Smart Tech - Kiran Venna's YouTube channel of SAS videos

User Groups:

      Dartmouth NH Area SAS Users Group 

      Michigan SAS Users Group

      MidWest SAS Users Group (MWSUG)

      SouthEast SAS Users Group (SESUG)

      Western Users of SAS Software (WUSS)

      South Central SAS Users Group (SCSUG)

      PharmaSUG the Software Users Group of life science and health research professionals


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