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BASUG Leadership

Our Steering Committee is a team of dedicated volunteers who plan, organize, and run all of our events and manage our website. Our volunteer Board of Directors ensures that we fulfill our mission, and oversees our finances.

Members of each are listed below.


Elizabeth Axelrod

President, Board of Directors

Elizabeth is a Lead Programmer Analyst at Abt Associates where she has been programming in SAS since 1982.  She has presented her work at numerous SAS conferences and local SAS users groups, and chaired the BASUG Steering Committee for 20 years.


Bruno Berszoner

Secretary, Board of Directors

Bruno is a health care analytics professional combining comprehensive health care industry knowledge, statistical programming and a focus on data quality. He has more than 20 years of programming experience in SAS solving critical issues related to physician and risk contracts for HMOs and PPOs, member identification, program evaluation and outcomes analysis.


Paul Grant

SAS & User Group Liaison

Website Development Team

Paul is a retired Senior Technical Architect with SAS Institute. He served in leadership roles with SUGI/SAS Global Forum, the Northeast SAS Users Group and the Boston Area SAS Users Group for almost 40 years. He has been a SAS programmer since 1981.

Nancy McGarry.jpg

Nancy McGarry


Registration & Logistics

In addition to being BASUG webmaster, Nancy handles registration and logistics for our in-person meetings. She works at Abt Associates in Cambridge.


Brian Saper, MSEE



Brian is retired from Saper Systems where he helped large corporations upgrade their mainframe technology. He used SAS for 30 years to analyze mainframe computer performance. Now he enjoys life as an electrician and repair person. He has helped organize BASUG meetings and trainings for many years.



Steering Committee Member

Picture yourself here, working with this great team to provide valuable services to your fellow SAS users.  Want to learn more about how to get involved?   Email our BASUG Chairperson.



Quentin McMullen

Vice President, Board of Directors

Chairperson, Steering Committee

Quentin has been programming in SAS for more than 20 years, primarily in healthcare settings. He has contributed papers to the  NESUG, SESUG, and SGF.


Sche Arab-Lemon

Webinar Production Team

Sche works in the pharmaceutical industry and has been programming in SAS for 20 years. She has been on the BASUG Steering Committee since 2019.


Dan Habtemariam

Webinar Production Team

Talent Scout

Dan works at Biostatistics Core at the Hinda and Arthur Marcus Institute for Aging Research and holds a MPH. He is a  multi-disciplinary analyst with experience in statistics and epidemiology from both theoretical and applied standpoints; specializing in using SAS to analyze healthcare data for scientific research.


Jean Roth

Survey Administrator

Webinar Production Team

Jean Roth is a longtime SAS coder and a certified SAS programmer. She has been active in a number of roles in BASUG.


Rita Volya

Meeting Coordinator

Talent Scout

Rita has been programming in SAS for Research in Health Care for over 30 years. She worked at the Department of Health Care Policy of Harvard Medical School for over 27 years. Now she is a Senior Programmer Analyst / Program Manager at  Health Policy Research Center of Mongan Institute at MGH. She has contributed a paper to NESUG on SAS Hash Objects.


Karen Olson

Treasurer, Board of Directors

Talent Scout

Karen’s job as a research analyst introduced her to SAS in 1992. 20+ years attending BASUG events enhanced her skills and fondness for the software. She has been treasurer since 2004.


Lori Goldman

Meeting Coordinator

Talent Scout

Lori has been programming and building SAS applications for Healthcare, Life Science and Software companies throughout her career. She has been on the BASUG Steering Committee for over 20 years in a variety of different roles.  Lori has also presented her work at the regional NESUG conference and, thus, is officially published in the NESUG Proceedings.

Jianjun Hua.jpg

Jianjun Hua

Talent Scout

Jianjun is Statistical Consultant at Dartmouth College and has been programming in SAS more than ten years. He is passionate about teaching and learning. He has chaired the Dartmouth Area SAS Users Group (DASUG) since 2014 and has been on the BASUG Steering Committee since 2022.


Michael Salé

Academic Ambassador

Talent Scout

Dr. Michael Salé is a faculty member in the Leo J. Meehan School of Business at Stonehill College in Easton, MA. He is the director of the college’s data analytics undergraduate and graduate programs and was instrumental in developing the college’s Academic Specialization partnership with the SAS Institute. He has been programming in SAS for over 20 years.


Karen Wallace

Meeting Coordinator

Webinar Production Team

Karen is a senior analyst in the Health Policy, Innovation, and Information Technology Center of Excellence at Public Consulting Group. She has presented papers at SAS® Global Forum, SESUG, and WUSS. She received a SAS® Programming Certificate from University of California – San Diego, Extension in 2016.


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