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BASUG began in 1983 as an all-volunteer, local users group to further the interests of SAS users in the Boston area. When we started, the latest version of SAS was 82.4. PC's existed, but there was no PC SAS. We were a few SAS programmers, meeting in an office, sharing SAS tips with each other.


BASUG has evolved since our founding, moving from mimeograph machines and postage stamps to websites and email lists. Over the years, thousands of SAS programmers have attended BASUG events. Throughout these decades we have remained an all-volunteer organization, committed to supporting the local SAS community.


Here are some key milestones in BASUG's history:

1983 ---

1986 ---

1988 ---

1995 ---

1999 ---

2005 ---

2010 ---

2010 ---

2012 ---


2015 ---

2017 ---

2020 ---

2020 ---

2021 ---

 TBD ---

BASUG was founded by Debbie Blackey and Craig Andree; all expenses funded by passing-the-hat at meetings

Became a membership-based organization under a new chairperson, Tom Marx

BASUG is one of the founding local SAS user groups of the Northeast SAS Users Group (NESUG).

Held our first day-long training session which provided affordably priced local SAS training to our members.

Launched our first website, built by Tim Muir

Incorporated, formed a Board of Directors, and attained 501(c)3 not-for-profit status

Mike Murphy converted our website to be database-driven, including searchable archives

Settled into NERD (Microsoft's New England Research & Development) as our main meeting venue

Transitioned from paid membership dues to event-based fees, and began to accept credit card payments

With SAS, co-hosted our first 'SAS Blowout' event, including an evening mixer overlooking the Boston skyline from the 11th floor of NERD

Added the NonProfit Center as one of our main meeting venues

Pivoted from quarterly in-person events to monthly webinars

Joined the Eastern Canada and Northern United States (ECNUS) local user group collaboration which hosts quarterly Lunchtime Webinar Series presentations.

Designed a new website, and adopted a new logo

We will return to in-person events... and continue to offer webinars!


June 12

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